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Housing, Training, Jobs- RISE OF THE TRADES

TG Magazine of Prescott Valley released its latest and largest edition of its quarterly print publication to date, Rise of the Trades. The edition focuses on the 20+ trades programs at Yavapai College. Centric to the edition is an invite to residents from Brad Fain, Publisher, to begin discussions on housing and how to design the Prescott Valley region better, together with the public.

“This is a great time to celebrate our trades professionals. The ones who help make a good life for us: construction workers, electricians, power line workers, plumbers and many others. It is also an ideal time to collaborate with our educational partners and training centers as our regional businesses struggle with labor shortages. We want to help get the word out about all the opportunities available for those looking to better themselves and take advantage of the career opportunities in central Arizona,” says Brad Fain of Fain Signature Group. “Building a community over time includes housing for those that want to work here, like our hospitality professionals, nurses, and first responders. This publication is the start of an ongoing conversation as we reach out to the residents and leadership to have a conversation on how to design our community together to make a great life for all.”

“The trades programs at Yavapai College are crucial in helping educate and train a skilled workforce that directly contributes to a vibrant community,” said Dr. Lisa Rhine, President of Yavapai College. “It is our goal at the College to continue to provide accessible, affordable opportunities for the residents of Yavapai County to attain these skills and better not only their own lives, but also enhance the quality of life for us all. Thank you to Talking Glass Media and the Fain Signature Group for highlighting these important programs.”


Print copies of TG Magazine’s Rise of the Trades are scheduled to arrive mid April 2022 and will be distributed throughout the region, including: Yavapai College, Prescott Unified School District, Humboldt Unified School District, Chino Valley School District, Prescott Valley Public Library, Prescott Valley Civic Center, Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce, Prescott Chamber of Commerce, Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce, and many other locations.

Watch Brad Fain’s Invite to Design Together

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