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Why “Land Air Water” for the Summer 2021 Edition?

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Land, air and water are the masters and benefactors of our lives, while also being curators of our past. The land feeds us, provides us shelter, and reveals glimpses of our storied history. Air brings us life and provides us pathways aloft, inspiring us to discover and explore new horizons. We drink water, grow with it, play in it, and study ecosystems dependent upon it.

Who we are is stitched together by infinite strands of opportunity woven from land, air and water. This is why our teams at TG Magazine and Talking Glass Media were inspired to share destinations, people, and phenomena that influence our world and shape our lives in these three realms.

A well-known bird watcher who turned her love of birds into art. An extraordinarily passionate pilot who took up the art of flying and shares his wings with us. The couple who are world-renowned underwater wildlife cinematographers. What connects them all is what inspires them: land, air and water.

At the end of this edition is something new – an events guide to get you outside and moving this summer. Classes, concerts, entertainment and more. Perfect timing as we enter into a post-pandemic era of renewed hope and well being.

Welcome to the Land, Air Water edition of TG Magazine.

-Guy Roginson, Executive Editor, Talking Glass Media, LLC

View the entire Summer 2021 edition at: https://issuu.com/home/published/tgmagazine_summer2021_issuu

Photo credit: Theresa Rose, Tree Rose Photography, Prescott, AZ.