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In This Edition – Tech

In This Edition - Tech

This edition focuses on technology and the fundamental changes, and benefits, these advances are bringing to our communities. Although these tech advances are significant, what can never be forgotten is that it all starts with human capital, our greatest resource. The quote by Steve Jobs on the inside cover of this edition speaks volumes of grit, vision and creativity. Parts of that quote could have been written about Bill Fain, founder of Prescott Valley. In one man’s lifetime a town was born. That accomplishment wasn’t roped by way of a website or mobile app. It was executed by a highly respected leader who was well known for his vision, grit, and remarkable handshake.

Speaking of people, Talking Glass Media is especially excited about its growing relationship with Northern Arizona Technology Alliance (NATA) and people like Henry Ebarb of Eightfold Technology who are working to bring tech and remote workers to central Arizona to grow the economy while maintaining a very small footprint on our beloved natural resources. Finally, we are very pleased to welcome the newest member to our Team, Angie Johnson-Schmit, Assistant Editor, TG Magazine. Talk about human capital! We are grateful for Angie’s intellect, talent and yes, grit.

Welcome to the tech edition of TG Magazine and welcome to Prescott Valley, AZ, where people of vision and grit make the difference.

-Guy Roginson, Executive Editor, Talking Glass Media, LLC